Frequently Asked Questions

Right Brain Learning ™ is a right brain development programme for children from 6 months to 6.5 years old, consisting of weekly sessions of 1 hour duration conducted at Olympians Learning Hub. One parent attends the weekly sessions with their child and is given instructions for follow up practice activities at home so as to strengthen the child’s development.

The human brain is divided into two hemispheres, left and right. Every child is born with the potential for large scale photographic memory, enhanced language skills, high speed reading and calculation, creativity, intuition and imagination which operates largely from their right brain. From birth to the age of three, a child’s head circumference increases dramatically, suggesting rapid growth of the child’s brain during that period. By stimulating a child’s brain through short, fun-filled, fast-paced and varied activities, the child’s ability to concentrate is greatly improved while at the same time their natural ability to “sponge” vast amounts of information in split seconds and to store them effortlessly and permanently is developed and maintained.

The right brain records information through images (both visual and mental) instantaneously and permanently, much like snapping a photograph. Just as a picture says a thousand words, these images contain every little detail. The right brain simply takes in the new information and does not pause to process it. On the other hand, the left brain stores new information through words (both audio and mental) in a sequential manner for a short duration of time. The left brain pauses to process the incoming information and hence recording is slower compared to the right brain.

Other abilities such as intuition, high speed calculation, “gut-feel” guesstimation and creativity depends on the right brain to subconsciously “process” large amounts of stored information leading to an informed outcome.

Tens of thousands of children throughout more than 30 years of right brain training in multiple countries have shown that developing a child’s right brain has no negative effects in the short or long term. Even if overly enthusiastic parents exceed the recommended time set aside for daily practice, a child will naturally switch off and divert their attention to elsewhere. Hence it is not possible to “over train” a child and cause any harm. A safe secure loving atmosphere and strong parent-child relationship aids right brain development by allowing the child to be in an alpha state of mind for a longer period of time.

With Right Brain Learning ™ and diligent practice at home, your child will be able to achieve excellent academic results when he/she enters formal school education. Your child will benefit from improved concentration, ability to remember large amounts of information on a permanent basis, perform mathematical processes quickly and easily, listen without forgetting and enhanced creativity.

Improvements in a child’s ability to concentrate and to sustain that concentration for longer periods can be noticeable usually within 2-3 months. Parents have often reported that their child can play a toy for a longer period of time without losing interest, which is a sign of improved concentration.

Mathematical concepts and abilities become instinctive, often executed without the need for conscious mental effort.

Furthermore, the child’s vocabulary is increased significantly, thus improving the child’s ability to understand others, and to express themselves clearly. This results in a less frustrated child, and thus a happier child.

A child who is making progress has a greater sense of achievement, enjoys learning and is motivated to learn more. A calm and joyous child has a greater capacity to care for others and to help others.

Parents too can benefit from attending Right Brain Learning ™ classes with their child through learning how to be a loving and encouraging parent, and through the bonding from helping a child achieve progress.

Other than children with severe mental and physical disabilities, most children between 6 months and 6.5 years can attend Right Brain Learning ™ as they are born with natural right brain abilities which can be developed. Even children who are slower in development can benefit from our structured programme to systematically raise a child’s abilities. The best period to attend is between birth and the age three, this is when the child’s brain is developing the fastest. Beyond the age of 6, it requires much more effort by the child to achieve the same level of right brain abilities.

Right Brain Learning ™ was developed by a pool of experienced right brain development professionals in Singapore and adapted for use in Myanmar after appropriate localization and cultural considerations.

Compared to other early childhood development programmes and considering the savings achieved through the reduction of the need for long term tuition fees as a child enters formal education, the programme saves time, effort and money for the child and the parent in the long run.
Although it is possible for a parent to do so, the results achieved may be less than ideal as the resources available to the parent (such as a wide variety of teaching aids and the professional experience of a trained teacher) is limited compared to those at Olympians Learning Hub.
While other enrichment programmes impart specific skills such as music, dance, arts appreciation and foreign language competency, Right Brain Learning ™ helps a child acquire superior learning abilities which enable them to learn other skills quickly and painlessly.