Programme Structure

Our Right Brain Learning™ programme focuses on the development of right brain abilities in children between 6 months to 6.5 years old with:

  1. A Closer Parent and Child Bonding to Enrich the Learning Experience
  2. Image Visualisation to Stimulate the Right Brain
  3. Mental Training of Active Recall with Memory Games
  4. High-speed Computation Ability by Cultivating Quicker Response and Better Cognitive Ability
  5. Enhanced Language Acquisition, Vocabulary and More with Fun Flash Cards
  6. Interactive Learning of Alphabet and Numbers
  7. Ear-learning through music and songs
  8. Creative Hands-on Activities

Classes are conducted once a week, 60 minutes duration with small class size (maximum of 6 students in a class). One parent is required to attend the class with your child especially if your child is below 5 years old. Parent is encouraged to do follow-up practice activities at home so as to further enhance your child’s development.

Your child will also receive:

  1. A learning experience of excellence bar none conducted in English by international and local teachers who were highly trained.
  2. The highest level of personalised attention as our class size is limited to 6 children per class.
  3. Up-to-date and robust curriculum with the latest innovative teaching aids.
  4. Tested-and-proven programme that is safe. For more than 30 years, tens of thousands of children in many countries have enjoyed the advantages of right brain training with no negative effects in the short or long term.