Vision, Mission, Core Values and Culture

At Olympians Learning Hub, everything we do is motivated by our vision, mission, core values and culture.

  1. Our VisionTo be a nationwide Education Partner for parents and children.
  1. Our MissionTo help children maximise their potential through academic excellence and character development so as to contribute to society.
  1. Core Values
    • Nurture: We are committed to nurturing young minds.
    • Holistic: We are dedicated to promote holistic well being of the mind.
    • Quality: We strive to deliver consistently high quality programmes.
    • Fun: We make learning fun, enjoyable, exciting and stress-free.
    • Care: We promote a caring, supportive and positive reinforcement environment to enhance the learning experience.
  2. CultureAt Olympians Learning Hub, we are passionate about our programmes and are enthusiastic about what we do.We strive to help and improve the communities where we work and live.We create a culture where lifelong learning is stimulating and interesting in a loving, caring and non-competitive atmosphere that brings out the best in your child!